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In today's landscape, event attendees seek experiences that leave lasting impressions and foster genuine connections. Our curated experiences are designed to fulfill these aspirations, generating memorable moments and forging lasting bonds. We strive to ensure attendees leave with captivating stories, social media-worthy posts, and a fervor to participate in your future events.

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We offer distinguished dining experiences through different venues and cuisines in the heart of Bangkok. 

Spectrum Lounge & Bar Rooftop 31st Floor

Spectrum Lounge & Bar

Spectrum Lounge & Bar is Bangkok's premier rooftop lounge and bar with stunning panoramic views of city’s skyline. The three-story venue is perfect for romantic dinner, friends gathering and private parties. 

Thai Food Market Cafe by Khao

Market Café by Khao

Teaming up with Michelin-starred 'Khao' restaurants, Market Café by Khao redefines Thai cuisine—blending tradition with innovation. Experience authentic flavors, quality, and creativity in signature dishes and classics.

Siam Yacht Club

Siam Yacht Club

Perched on Chao Phraya River's edge, opposite Icon Siam mall, is the Siam Yacht Club. Delight in dining, socializing, and panoramic Bangkok vistas. A must-visit unique destination for locals and tourists alike.